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In the market for a new evaporative cooler but sick of the rust that comes with it? We've got the solution! Upgrade to a brand new single inlet cooler with an all stainless steel wet section and forget the rust.

Anyone who has ever owned an evaporative cooler will tell you that one of the major drawbacks is the eventual rust problem they encounter after many years of use. The powder coated steel used by most cooler manufacturers is quite effective at preventing rust as long as the coating doesn't get scratched, which usually happens the first time it needs to be cleaned thoroughly. From there it's just a matter of time before the rust takes hold and you have a messy leak to patch up.

Not so with stainless steel. No need to powder coat, it's naturally resistant to rust and corrosion. Scratch it with steel and the only thing that will rust is the residue left behind from whatever scratched it, which can be rubbed off easily. This makes it the perfect metal to make a water tank.

Add to that a stainless steel support for thick blocks of rigid evaporative cooling pads, a stainless steel water distributor cover, brass drain and float assemblies, vinyl and pvc water distributor tubing, plastic cased water pump, and a protective aluminum screen on the front and you have a wet section that is almost 100% rust proof!**

The dry section consists of the standard single inlet cooler blower section. These can be either downdraft or sidedraft configuration and are made of powder coated galvanized steel. This side does not need to hold water and routinely outlives the standard wet section that they normally come with. Mounting and connections for the motor and control system are also in the blower section.

Coolers come complete with:
*Single inlet blower/dry section, made with powder coated galvanized sheet metal. This keeps the cost down because the dry section doesn't need to be made of stainless steel.
Stainless Steel wet pan, housing, top and water distributor cover. They are highly resistant to rust and corrosion.
*Premier select rigid evaporative cooler media. Available in 8" and 12" thickness for added cooling power.
*Cooler Pump. Specify desired voltage.
**Cooler Pump contains parts that are not immune to rust.
*Aluminum Bird Screen Assembly

Not Included:
*Motor Kit
*Thermostat Control Kit
These are available as optional add ons.

This is a custom item that we put together from 2 different brands of equipment. Please allow 2-4 days of prep time from the time you order until ship date.

MC43SS $879.00 - Replaces 4800 cfm 8" pad
Model #s
MC43, MC44, EC430, EC440, CMC431, CMC441, CMC432, CMC442

$999.00 - Replaces 6500 cfm 8" pad
Model #s
MC63, MC64, EC630, EC640, CMC631, CMC641, CMC632, CMC642

$1299.00 - Replaces 6500 cfm 12" pad
Model #s
HC63, HC64, HPC630, HPC640, CHC631, CHC632, CHC641, CHC642

Complete coolers are large items and can only ship via freight truck. Shipping charges do apply.

To order, call 602-997-1256 or email
Aluminum Bird Screen Included
Motor kits and control packages are not included in these prices but are available as optional add ons. Be sure to ask about and order the appropriate motor kit for your needs.

Also available is just the wet section by itself to replace an existing wet section when you don't need to replace your blower section.
Single Inlet Evaporative Cooler with Stainless Steel Wet Section
Mobile Swamp Coolers
Portable swamp coolers on wheels to cool small and large spaces.