Air Conditioning Parts
A/C condenser fan motors, capacitors, contactors, etc.
Homeowners & DIY welcome.
Evaporative Cooler Pads
Mastercool pads, extra thick aspen cooler pads, custom rigid swamp cooler pads.
Swamp Cooler Parts
Parts breakdowns for Mastercool coolers and various common swamp cooler parts.
Metal Duct Fittings
Sheet metal ductwork for HVAC. Tee wyes, vent pipe, elbows, register boxes and more.
Flexible Ductwork
Insulated flex duct makes adding air runs easy, and saves time and money.
Air Registers & Vents
HVAC vents, register covers, and grilles. Many sizes and styles to choose from.
Swamp Cooler Covers - Air Conditioner Covers
Protect your swamp cooler and keep your heated air in the winter with a cooler cover.
Evaporative Coolers
Rooftop or wall mount evaporative coolers that are designed to cool the whole house.
Stainless Steel
Wet Section Upgrade
Upgrade or replace a wet section with stainless steel and forget about rust! Fits Adobeair Mastercool and Symphony.
Industrial Evaporative Coolers
High capacity ducted swamp coolers for warehouses, mechanic bays and garages.
Industrial Mobile Coolers
High capacity portable swamp coolers for garages, warehouses, mechanic bays, and tent events.
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Metal Duct Fittings
Branch T-wyes, adjustable 90 degree elbows, register and grille cans for ceiling and wall, round metal pipe, start collars and more. We can get everything you need to design or repair a ductwork system in your house. (We do not stock these at our store. Metal items ship directly from the distributor. Please call ahead for 1-2 day lead time for local will calls.)

Browse metal duct fittings online HERE.

We also carry insulated flexible ductwork.

Call today for product info at 602-997-1256.
Please call for shipping quotes on large orders. Due to the nature of ductwork and its shipping volume, large orders not called in may be subject to additional shipping charges.
Mobile Swamp Coolers
Portable swamp coolers on wheels to cool small and large spaces.