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Capacitors store a charge and pass it along to your motor or compressor to get it started and keep it running. Most often they are a chrome cylinder in oval or round shape. Some capacitors have a plastic casing instead of metal.

There are two types of run capactitors used in air conditioning units.

STANDARD RUN CAPACITOR - Standard caps have two terminals on the top. These would run only one component (compressor or fan motor) at a time. The terminals are not labelled so either can be used, as long as the component wires go on opposite terminals.

DUAL RUN CAPACITOR - Dual run caps have three terminals on the top. These would run more than one component (usually compressor AND fan motor) at a time. The terminals are labeled "FAN", "HERM", and "C". "FAN" is for the fan motor, "HERM" is for the compressor, and "C" is the common power for both components.

When replacing capacitors there are a couple rules of thumb to follow.

MICROFARADS - Stay within +/- 10% of the listed microfarad (MFD or "uf") value. (For instance, a 40 MFD cap can NOT be replaced by a 45 MFD, but a 50 MFD could be replaced by a 55 MFD.)

VOLTAGE - You can replace with a higher voltage capacitor but you can NOT replace with a lower voltage capacitor. (If you have a 370 VOLT cap you can replace with a 440 VOLT cap, but not vice versa.)

FOR FAN MOTORS - Some fan motors use the "FAN" terminal of a dual capacitor. When replacing a fan motor you can use a new standard capacitor for just the fan motor and continue to use the dual capacitor for your compressor. We highly recommend doing this when buying a new fan motor.

4 MFD 370 VOLT
5 MFD 370 VOLT
7.5 MFD 370 VOLT
10 MFD 370 VOLT
12.5 MFD 370 VOLT
15 MFD 370 VOLT
20 MFD 370 VOLT
25 MFD 370 VOLT
30 MFD 370 VOLT
35 MFD 370 VOLT
40 MFD 440 VOLT
45 MFD 440 VOLT
50 MFD 440 VOLT
60 MFD 440 VOLT
80 MFD 440 VOLT

35/5 MFD 440 VOLT
35/7.5 MFD 440 VOLT
40/5 MFD 440 VOLT
40/7.5 MFD 440 VOLT
45/5 MFD 440 VOLT
45/7.5 440 VOLT
50/5 MFD 440 VOLT
50/7.5 MFD 440 VOLT
55/5 MFD 440 VOLT
55/7.5 MFD 440 VOLT
60/5 MFD 440 VOLT
60/7.5 440 VOLT
80/5 370 VOLT
80/7.5 370 VOLT
Air Conditioner Capacitors
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