Evaporative Cooler Pump
Evaporative Cooler Motor
Mastercool Pad
Evaporative Cooler Pad Excelsior
Welcome to Indoor Comfort Supply
Air Conditioning Parts
A/C condenser fan motors, capacitors, contactors, etc.
Homeowners & DIY welcome.
Evaporative Cooler Pads
Mastercool pads, extra thick aspen cooler pads, custom rigid swamp cooler pads.
Evaporative Cooler Parts
Parts breakdowns for Mastercool coolers and various common swamp cooler parts.
Metal Duct Fittings
Sheet metal ductwork for HVAC. Tee wyes, vent pipe, elbows, register boxes and more.
Flexible Ductwork
Insulated flex duct makes adding air runs easy, and saves time and money.
Air Registers & Vents
HVAC vents, register covers, and grilles. Many sizes and styles to choose from.
Swamp Cooler Covers - Air Conditioner Covers
Protect your swamp cooler and keep your heated air in the winter with a cooler cover.
New Evaporative Coolers
Rooftop or wall mount evaporative coolers that are designed to cool the whole house.
Stainless Steel
Wet Section Upgrade
Upgrade or replace a wet section with stainless steel and forget about rust! Fits Adobeair Mastercool and Symphony.
Industrial Evaporative Coolers
High capacity ducted swamp coolers for warehouses, mechanic bays and garages.
Industrial Mobile Coolers
High capacity portable swamp coolers for garages, warehouses, mechanic bays, and tent events.
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Mobile Swamp Coolers
Portable swamp coolers on wheels to cool small and large spaces.
Evaporative Cooler Pads
Looking for cooler parts? We carry swamp cooler pumps, motors, floats, belts, thermostats, bearings and a lot more.
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We carry many sizes and styles of evaporative cooler pads for several brands of coolers. Click here for more.
Evaporative Cooler Parts
Check out our Parts Breakdowns
to order by model #
Diagrams with links for many models including Mastercool, Aerocool, Arctic Circle and Frigiking. More coming soon!
Cooler Parts Breakdowns
Forget the rust! Upgrade your old Mastercool evaporative cooler with a stainless steel wet section!
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Looking for a new evaporative cooler for your house?
We have several options to choose from.
Start here.
Stainless Steel Upgrades
Whole House Coolers
The repairman wanted HOW much!?
Some things don't need to cost an arm and a leg. Check here first.
A/C Parts
Many sizes of evaporative cooler covers available for drop shipping. Available in classic canvas and new Weatherguard Polyester.
Cooler Covers
Welcome to Indoor Comfort Supply
Portable evaporative coolers are great for garages, patios, even the dog! Several brands and sizes to choose from.
Portable Evaporative Coolers
We have many sizes of air vents, registers, grilles and filter frames.
Replace some old ones or add new vents at reasonable prices. Click here to see our selection.
Many sizes shapes and styles of metal duct fittings to design a great ducted system.
Stocked at off site warehouse, allow at least one day for local pick up.
Air Registers, Vents, Louvers
Sheet Metal Ductwork Fittings
Get ready for summer and beat the heat with evaporative coolers! We carry many parts and supplies for swamp coolers and air conditioners, including Mastercool parts and Mobile Mastercool parts. Go green with evaporative coolers and save money by doing it yourself! We also carry Symphony, Aerocool and Port-a-Cool coolers and parts, HVAC registers, vents, ductwork and air conditioning parts and we are open to the public.
High volume evaporative coolers for warehouse, industrial, factory, make-up air.
Commercial Evaporative Coolers
Check out our Bundle Specials on New Cooler Systems with Free Shipping!
Evaporative Cooler Systems
Free Shipping Bundles!!
Check out the new specialty portable coolers from Phoenix Manufacturing including the Patio Pal ice chest cooler and the Shop Blaster toolbox cooler.